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Panel members

The following practitioners are members of the Psychological Support Service. Contact can be made directly with the panelists after speaking to one of our Helpline Coordinators who will be able to provide you with information on how to avail of the service.

Karen Bradley 

Karen is an IACP accredited counsellor & psychotherapist working in private practice in Galway. She has been working with a varied client base since 2017. Her approach is person-centered with an integration of psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral theory. She is an affiliate of various Employee Assistance Programmes and works with many clients who face challenges in the workplace. Before moving into the area of counselling & psychotherapy, Karen worked in several financial institutions which offered an insight into the culture and structure of large organizations.

Tara Coleman 

Tara has been working as a therapist for several years with a range of presenting issues.  At present, she works as an individual and group therapist within a residential setting. Within this setting the core of her work involves working with trauma and the adverse effects it has on her clients. She has learnt that those that have experienced trauma or sustained periods of high stress need a calm, empathic and trusting space where they can acknowledge and understand such experiences and the accompanying feelings, thoughts and emotions. Additionally, Tara believes it important to explore how traumatic experiences impact our lives in the present. She is confident in her ability to both create and contain such a space where clients can speak confidentially about the issues affecting them. Lastly, working with groups gives Tara particular insights into the dynamics, influence, and psychology of groups, both their destructive and their reparative nature and impacts on the individual.

Tara is a fully accredited psychotherapist with the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP). She holds an honors degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy and a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychoanalytical psychotherapy. She also holds a qualification in art therapy and facilitates art therapy within different settings and different groups.

Sinéad Coyne 

Sinéad Coyne holds a H. Dip in Counselling and Psychotherapy, BA in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy, and an MA in Child and Adolescent Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy. Sinéad is a fully qualified and experienced therapist and is accredited with the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP). As a Consultant Psychotherapist, Sinead has experience working with a number of organisations and also runs her own private practice.

Sinead utilises an integrative approach to counselling and has a wealth of experience in Short Term Solution Focused Therapy, CBT and intensive longer term interventions. Sinéad works in a client-centred way, supporting clients in identifying their strengths in order to change their circumstances and relationships. With clinical experience working with children and adolescents, she understands that coping mechanisms stem from early life and are influenced by the challenges we have faced. As a creative psychotherapist, she would describe herself as passionate, adaptable and empathetic. Sinead works with a wide range of clinical issues including, trauma, low self-esteem, depression, grief and loss, self-harm, anxiety, relationship issues and work related stress.

Geraldine McLoughlin

Geraldine McLoughlin in an accredited Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist with The Irish Association for Psychoanalysts and Psychotherapists in Ireland and the Irish Council for Psychotherapy. Geraldine has over 30 years’ clinical psychotherapy experience which has focused primarily on specialist trauma informed therapy with adults who experienced childhood abuse in state institutions, intra-familial settings and organisational groups.  She has considerable experience in preparation of Reports for the Courts, and she has extensive experience in conducting clinical assessments for client presentations which include adults with disabilities. Geraldine completed her Thesis in Human Rights Law entitled ‘In the Shadow of the Law: institutional abuse victims search for truth and justice.’

Geraldine has prior training in Organisational Systems Therapy focusing on the conscious and unconscious processes which influence groups in teams and organisations.  Geraldine has carried out Group Supervision processes, and is a keen advocate of Voices of the Whole: a collaborative approach to working with team/group dynamics in the Workplace. 

Geraldine is currently undertaking training in Restorative Justice Mechanisms.  She is also engaged in legal training comprising Dignity at Work investigation techniques and legislation in relation to Employment Law and Employees’ rights and State obligations under EU Law which focus on citizens’ human rights.