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Judy O'Loan - Managing Solicitor

Judy is a solicitor by training. Upon graduating from Queen’s University Belfast, she completed an MSc in Environmental Policy and Management. She then worked in EU regulatory affairs and public administration for seven years, before returning to law. She worked for five years with London’s leading human rights firms gaining significant experience in human rights and personal injury litigation as well as administrative law encompassing judicial review. Judy has been Managing Solicitor of Transparency Legal Advice Centre since November 2017.

Lorraine Heffernan Acting Managing Solicitor

Lorraine currently works at the law centre in the role of Assistant Managing Solicitor. She holds a Bachelor of Civil Law Degree (University College Dublin, 1990) and trained with a top Dublin law firm to qualify as a Solicitor (Law Society of Ireland, 1994). Lorraine has pursued further studies in the area of Employment Law and further study with University of Limerick in Housing Law and Policy. Lorraine has a track record in community work where she actively pursues her interests in systems development, compliance and risk assessment.

She has worked as a volunteer information officer with Citizens Information to provide clarity and guidance on many complex issues. Her work at Transparency Legal Advice Centre focuses on policies, procedures, legislative requirements and legal obligations in the area of making protected disclosures. Lorraine is delighted to be able to advise on this dynamic and important area of law.