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Donal O'Connor - Solicitor 

Donal O ‘Connor is a solicitor of 23 years experience, and held roles as a risk manager and compliance officer in the banking industry intensely dealing with regulatory compliance and risk. He has engaged with regulatory and supervisory authorities, and has experience in employment litigation, workplace investigations, the WRC, and the management of HR issues, policies and procedures. Donal is a graduate of University College Galway, and also holds an international qualification in Data Protection. As a solicitor in the Transparency Legal Advice Centre, Donal advises clients on Protected Disclosures.

Marc Evan Aupiais - Solicitor

Marc Aupiais is an Irish solicitor (practising), English and Welsh Solicitor (non-practising), and a South African attorney (non-practising). He has years of experience in law and business. He has a Bachelor of Laws (LLB), and past general legal experience in the areas of contract, corporate, business, finance, compliance, insurance, human resources, litigation, et cetera. He believes a solicitor is a safeguard of rights, a guide to avoid pitfalls, and a scribe and translator of law. He studied Irish, English, European, South African, and international law. He is enrolled as an Irish Solicitor (since 2021), English and Welsh Solicitor (2021), South African Notary Public (2018) (non-practising), and South African Attorney (2016).