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How We Can Help

The Speak Up Helpline is open Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm (excluding public holidays). It is operated by trained volunteers and staff. You can get in touch with our helpline team by phone at 1800 844 866 or through encrypted email using our secure form. Please note that our office on Middle Abbey Street is not a drop-in centre and that we cannot meet with drop-in visitors.

TI Ireland’s helpline team evaluates every concern received through the Speak Up helpline to assess what type of assistance we can provide. However, because we are a small organization, we can only provide advocacy support on the few concerns that allow us to maximize our impact by performing the greatest public service.

We offer the following services:

  1. Free information to people who wish to report concerns about wrongdoing (such as corruption, fraud, waste of public resources and harm to others).
  2. Free sourcing and referral to legal advisors where individuals require legal advice and representation.*
  3. Access to free legal advice for whistleblowers through the Transparency Legal Advice Centre where appropriate.
  4. Support to individuals who wish to bring public attention to cases of systemic abuses of power, white collar crime or corruption.*
  5. Advice on seeking official information, thereby encouraging a culture of openness and integrity.
  6. We collect and publish statistical data from complaints/reports received, to help identify corruption risks and to have them addressed by those in a position to take action.

*Where feasible. Please note we cannot guarantee that any legal or other professional such as a journalist will be able to assist in every case. They may charge for their services. Please note that Transparency Legal Advice Centre provides free legal advice in appropriate cases but does not provide legal representation.