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The Speak Up Helpline

About Speak Up - The Whistleblowers' Helpline

The Speak Up helpline offers information, referral advice and advocacy support to people looking to report wrongdoing, or to witnesses and victims of corruption or other wrongdoing. Workers who wish to make a protected disclosure (commonly known as whistleblowing) may be offered an appointment with the Transparency Legal Advice Centre (TLAC). For more information on TLAC, please click here.

The Speak Up helpline is open Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm (excluding public holidays). It is operated by trained volunteers and staff.  

You can get in touch with the Speak Up helpline team by calling 1800 844 866, or through encrypted email using our secure webform. Please note that our office on Middle Abbey Street is not a drop-in centre, and we cannot accept drop-in visits.