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The Speak Up Helpline

About Speak Up - The Whistleblowers' Helpline

The Speak Up Helpline is open Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm (excluding public holidays). 

It is operated by trained staff and volunteers. You can get in touch with our Speak Up Helpline team by freephone (1800 844 866), our Secure Report Form, email, post or Signal app.

The Speak Up Helpline offers information, referral advice and/or advocacy support to people looking to report wrongdoing, or to witnesses and victims of corruption or other wrongdoing. Our Psychological Support Service offers a range of supports to meet the needs of individuals and family members during and after reporting wrongdoing. Learn more about what we do, cannot do and what to expect when you contact us.

People who want to make a protected disclosure (commonly known as whistleblowing) may be offered an appointment with the Transparency Legal Advice Centre (TLAC). Due to increased demand, the Helpline has a waiting list for referrals to TLAC.

Our free Speak Up Safely Guide provides some useful information to consider when making a protected disclosure.

If you have a general inquiry about the services we offer, you can also email helpline[at] Please do not share any sensitive information, including your employer’s name or details of your concern when using our unencrypted email address.  

Please also note that our office on Middle Abbey Street is not a drop-in centre, and we cannot accept visits without a prior appointment.

Speak Up in Your Language

Don’t worry if you wish to contact us but do not speak much English. We are pleased to be able to offer our services in the following languages; Arabic, Polish, Romanian, Brazilian Portuguese, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Russian, and Mandarin Chinese. Interpretation or translation services can be arranged for any communications with our Speak Up Helpline and the Transparency Legal Advice Centre.

If you are from a migrant background, reporting wrongdoing will not affect your immigration status or application, or your permission to work in Ireland. If you need advice about your immigration status and employment rights, the Helpline can refer you to other organisations that can help.

This video is also available to view with Arabic, Polish, Romanian, Brazilian Portuguese, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Russian, and Mandarin Chinese subtitles.