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What We Can't Do

Every call and message is important to us and we will do whatever we can to help. However, we can't help in every case. Our focus is on assisting those who are considering reporting wrongdoing or have already done so. In other words, we aim primarily to help whistleblowers, as well as witnesses and victims of corruption and other abuses of power.
Please note that TI Ireland is a small organisation with limited resources. Because of this, we can only advocate on the few concerns that allow us to maximise our impact by working on cases in the public interest and set a legal precedent for future cases.
In addition, unlike journalists, we cannot investigate or publicly expose complaints on behalf of our clients.  Instead, we provide information and access to free legal advice/advocacy support as appropriate.  Where another organisation/individual would be best placed to help you, we will refer you to them. 
Under no circumstances will we:
  • Provide assistance to any individual who threatens our staff/volunteers or otherwise compromises their safety
  • Offer support to anyone continuing to engage in illegal or unethical activity
  • Provide assistance to individuals whose complaints are clearly without foundation
Please note that our office on Middle Abbey Street is not a drop-in centre, and we cannot accept drop-in visits.