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Below we have listed some recent comments and testimonials made by clients we have helped.

“From my initial submission to the conclusion of my issue, I was confident that I was working with a person who was diligent, exact, and very professional, and above all else honest with my expectations, I was successful in my case but only because of the help I received.”
‘I am indebted to Lorraine Heffernan and TLAC for the expertise and support provided to me in considering and making a disclosure in accordance with the Act. From the moment I contacted TLAC I was engaged professionally, timely, and with courtesy and understanding.  Communication from TLAC was very clear, response time was excellent. TLAC  demonstrated strong commitment and independence to support Whistleblowers.  As a consequence I have a greater understanding of the Act and strongly recommend the services of TLAC to any person considering making a disclosure.’
"When I found myself courageous enough to speak up against my powerful employer’s wrongdoings, I ended up retaliated against, being cornered all alone, ostracised, and penalised. But doing the right thing was what mattered above all. I was threatened, the world collapsed around me, and I was totally scared. This dire situation has been one of the greatest challenges in my life, and I believe there is no way I could have managed to deal with this crisis alone without the help of Transparency International Ireland and their Legal Advice Centre. 
The Transparency team are first and foremost genuinely extremely kind and caring people. They are also highly knowledgeable of relevant laws and regulations. They showed an unwavering dedication and commitment to help me to make compliant protected disclosures, ensuring I would keep the full benefit of the protections granted by the Protected Disclosure Act 2014. The Transparency team has been wonderful in supporting me throughout my difficult journey both legally, and very importantly, personally. Their guidance and support went way above and beyond what I could have hoped for. I am hugely grateful that Transparency exists and that their team has been here, able to assist me in this tremendously difficult task, being a beacon of light helping me to weather the storm. Thanks a million."
“I can only describe my experience with Transparancy as excellent. Staff have been efficient and courteous at all times. In particular, I would like to thank its Legal Adviser, Ms Lorraine Heffernan. She is an expert in her field. She is so committed. I found her not only to be an excellent adviser but also a great support in addressing with what were difficult issues for me.”
“I had an issue that I needed advice about. I contacted Transparency, was offered an interview quickly and met up in their offices in Middle Abbey Street. The whole experience was exceptional from start to finish. I was made feel at ease, my issues were discussed, I was offered advice and with further telephone contacts, whenever necessary, I was able to proceed with a Protected Disclosure. The staff were always friendly and courteous and interested in the outcomes of my case. Couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks”
“I have nothing but praise for the support I got from this service. I went through hell for doing the right thing but with the guidance I received helped me to be able to deal with the legal aspect of reporting wrong doing. I feel that state should offer funding  to help them with their great work”
“Transparency Legal's staff fully supported me from day 1. Their endeavour to assist the needs of its clients is second to none. Despite the difficult situation I was faced with - Transparency went above and beyond their call of duty to ensure that my case was both appropriately and effectively handled - and this in turn helped me in so many ways”