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‘I’m lucky that I got through my experience but there are many whistleblowers who will struggle without support. Many need legal advice as soon as possible – especially before they report - but often can’t afford it." 
Garda Sergeant Maurice McCabe

We’ve supported hundreds of whistleblowers exposing abuse. Can you help them too?

Friends of Transparency is Ireland’s first fundraising initiative in support of whistleblowers and witnesses of wrongdoing in Ireland.

Since 2011, TI Ireland has helped over 1,700 people through the Speak Up Helpline and established the Transparency Legal Advice Centre (TLAC)* so whistleblowers do not have to bear the financial burden of legal advice before speaking up. TLAC has provided free legal advice to whistleblowers valued at over €1,000,000 to date.

Through the Speak Up Helpline and TLAC, we have helped people like Garda whistleblower, Sergeant Maurice McCabe who was targeted by senior officers for uncovering systemic abuse of the Garda traffic database.

If you become a Friend of Transparency, you will help us provide this vital support to whistleblowers and witnesses. Many of our clients have suffered for telling the truth about abuses of trust and power in our hospitals, businesses, charities and public bodies. Any contribution you make will go straight to supporting people like Maurice McCabe and ensuring that no one must suffer in silence.

Join Friends of Transparency today by making a monthly contribution to this work.**

*TLAC is a registered charity (number 20104870). If you make a donation of €250 or more in a calendar year, it can claim back an additional €112.32 from the Revenue Commissioners, bringing the total value of your donation up to €362.32, at no extra cost to you.

** Please note that TI Ireland is not a registered charity but a Company Limited by Guarantee without share capital. All proceeds of funds raised for the Transparency Legal Advice Centre will be transferred directly to it. All proceeds of funds raised for the Transparency Legal Advice Centre are transferred directly to it and independently audited. More information on how TI Ireland supports whistleblowers through its Speak Up Helpline can be found here.