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This report assesses how well prepared 30 semi-state organisations and public universities are to face corruption-related risks through an evaluation of their policies and public disclosure against 30 indicators in five areas: anti-corruption and anti-bribery programmes; financial transparency; open governance; responsible political engagement; and whistleblowing policies.  

The research has been carried out as part of TI Ireland’s National Integrity Index (NII) series, a multi-year project based on Transparency International’s ‘National Integrity Systems’ toolkit for assessing the overall robustness of a country’s institutions and systems when it comes to prevention of corruption. The aim of the project is to highlight good practices in public disclosure, to identify areas requiring greater transparency, to recommend measures to safeguard against corruption and bribery, and to equip people working in various sectors with resources and information.  

TI Ireland carried out studies on local authorities in 2018 and 2019 and on the private sector in 2020, and a further NII report on public bodies will be published in 2022.