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Transparency International (TI) Ireland has conducted this research as part of its National Integrity Index (NII) study series to examine how well-prepared the Irish business sector is to counter corruption-related risks. This study provides a general overview of the corporate disclosure practices of Irish and Irish-based companies by assessing levels of corporate transparency, procedures against bribery and corruption, responsible political engagement, and whistleblowing frameworks.

The National Integrity Index – Private Sector report evaluates corporate disclosure practices of 30 leading companies registered or having significant business operations in Ireland. This is the second in a series of NII reports dedicated to measuring the degree to which organisations across the public and private sector are prepared to address corruption-related risks based on the information they disclose to the public. Transparency International Ireland (TI Ireland) published the first of its NII reports on local authorities in 2018 and 2019.

This is the first private sector study to be undertaken by TI Ireland and is largely based on the methodology applied in numerous Transparency in Corporate Reporting reports published by TI and its chapters since 2008 in more than 30 countries. Further NII reports are due to be published on semi-state bodies and public bodies in 2021 and 2022.