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Clinical Supervisor – Psychological Support Service

31 January 2024

Position: Clinical Supervisor - Psychological Support Service

Location: Ireland, possibility for fully remote 

Remuneration: Negotiable, based on qualifications and experience, to be paid on an hourly rate

Application Submission: CV and covering letter to be sent to

Closing Date for Applications: 11:59 PM (GMT) on Sunday 25 February 2024

TI Ireland Psychological Support Service established by TI Ireland in 2022, is made up of a panel of psychologists, psychotherapists and qualified counsellors to provide confidential, qualified, specialist psychological support to Speak Up Helpline clients.

Role Overview:

Whistleblowers, as well as their families, can suffer high levels of stress and anxiety before, during and after reporting wrongdoing, particularly when they experience retaliation by those engaged in - or attempting to cover up the malpractice. According to recent research, the psychological stresses borne by whistleblowers can be equivalent to those experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This can lead to long term health consequences, have an impact on relationships, family life and career prospects.

We are seeking a qualified and experienced Clinical Supervisor to lead our team of Psychotherapists, Counsellors, and Clinical Psychologists in providing specialised psychological support to whistleblowers.

The PSS panel of practitioners provide support to people who have been impacted by raising a concern of wrongdoing or making a ‘protected disclosure’ and have sought assistance through TI Ireland’s Speak Up Helpline.  This role is part-time, with responsibilities including group supervision sessions lasting between one to two hours initially on a quarterly basis, with the potential for increased frequency over time. Additionally, there will be occasional ad hoc meetings with TI staff to discuss service management, estimated to be no more than two hours per month.

Please note that these time allocations may be subject to change based on the availability of funding for the service, as well as what is deemed clinically appropriate. Such adjustments will be made in discussion with the new supervisor and TI management to ensure the effective delivery of the service.


  • Provide clinical supervision to the panel of PSS practitioners
  • Facilitate group supervision sessions
  • Conduct case reviews and provide guidance as required
  • Maintain confidentiality and keep confidential records
  • Promote adherence to the organisation's procedures and policies as well as professional standards
  • Collaborate with the organisation to enhance the quality of therapeutic services

Personal Qualities:

  • Non-judgmental and empathetic approach
  • Strong leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to relate to and adapt communication style to suit a wide range of people
  • Demonstrated ability to provide guidance in emotionally challenging situations
  • Self-awareness and ability to examine own thoughts and values

Qualifications and Professional Experience:

Applicants must possess:

  • A degree or post-graduate qualification in psychotherapy, or clinical psychology recognised by one of the following, as appropriate: Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP), or one of the five sections within the Irish Council for Psychotherapy (ICP).
  • Full accreditation with a relevant professional body (IACP or relevant body of ICP)
  • Minimum of five years post-qualification experience. (This requirement may not apply in respect of some full-time post-graduate qualifications.)
  • Proven experience in providing clinical supervision.

In addition:

  • Work within the procedures and policies of TI Ireland.
  • Willingness to complete training in working with whistleblowers and witnesses, and their specific therapeutic needs.
  • Familiarity with working with whistleblowers or supporting individuals facing ethical dilemmas is desirable.

Consideration for International Candidates:

For candidates applying from abroad, we recognise the diversity of professional qualifications and accreditation across different jurisdictions. We understand the importance of acknowledging and valuing credentials from various recognised bodies. Therefore, we welcome applicants from international locations and commit to evaluating their qualifications in accordance with the relevant standards and practices in their respective regions.

If selected, international candidates may be required to undergo a credential evaluation process to ensure their qualifications align with the standards set by relevant professional bodies in Ireland. We are committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse work environment, and we encourage qualified professionals from abroad to apply to undertake the role fully remotely. Please note that any potential remote work arrangements will be discussed and agreed upon during the interview and selection process.

Duration: One year, with the possibility of renewal.

Please send a CV and covering letter to by 25 February 2024. It is essential that the covering letter concisely addresses (in no more than 500 words) their motivation for applying for the role of clinical supervisor and relevant experience for the role. The email enclosing your CV should have [PSS/2024] in the subject line.

The CV should ideally be two pages long. CVs longer than three pages will not be considered. Experience should be presented in reverse chronological order and the names and positions of two referees should be provided. Contact details of referees are not necessary at this stage.

A selection process will also apply. For further details about the role please email

Data Protection:

As part of any appointment process, TI Ireland collects and processes personal data relating to applicants. TI Ireland is committed to being transparent about how we collect and use that data and to meeting our data protection obligations. You can find more information in our Data Protection Policy.

About Transparency International Ireland:

Transparency International Ireland (TI Ireland) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to stopping corruption and promoting integrity in Irish institutions. TI Ireland is a fully accredited chapter of the international coalition, Transparency International, with representation in over 100 countries. TI Ireland are dedicated to supporting whistleblowers through our Speak Up Helpline.