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2016 election commitments of political parties

25 February 2016

Most political parties and many independent candidates have laid out reform proposals in their manifestos and on their websites. We hope you will find this short summary* of party/candidate positions of some use when considering the strength of their commitments to tackling corruption and promoting democratic accountability.

Party/candidate proposals and commitments were organised under four main headings that are relevant to the work we do at Transparency International Ireland:

  • Corruption
  • Transparency and Public Sector Accountability
  • White Collar Crime
  • Democratic Reform


The table above indicates how many commitments each party/grouping made under the relevant headings.

You might also be interested in John Devitt's analysis of corruption as an election issue in 2016.

*Correction - Only 2 Social Democrats commitments to Transparency/Public Sector Accountability were listed in an earlier version of the table above. This should have read 6 as outlined in the attached summary. Apologies for the error.