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Integrity at Work Training

Protected disclosures are an important way for staff to raise concerns, but they can also create an additional level of complexity for managers in dealing with a wide range of reports and employee grievances.

To help managers prepare for these challenges, we provide expert training and guidance on the Protected Disclosures Act 2014 and how to develop supportive work environments for dealing with disclosures.

Training provides employers with an opportunity to share best practice, learn about legal developments and develop strategies to promote ethical standards and build trust amongst staff and stakeholders.

We also offer practical training on anti-corruption and ethics. Courses are delivered by leading experts on whistleblowing and corruption from Ireland and overseas.

Our courses are certified for CPD by the Law Society of Ireland. They are suitable for organisations of all sizes and from all sectors. Each module can be delivered in the classroom or online to suit your requirements. 

Training Modules

Module A: Whistleblowing and Protected Disclosures – An Introduction to Best Practice Principles

This module is designed for managers and anyone nominated to receive protected disclosures within your organisation. The session includes information on the key definitions and employer obligations under the Protected Disclosures Act 2014, and how to promote supportive working environments for dealing with concerns. This module can be delivered both as a full-day or half-day course. 

Module B: Dealing with Protected Disclosures

This module is ideally completed by managers and protected disclosure recipients who have already completed Module A. It provides a refresher training on the basics of the Protected Disclosures Act 2014 and involves two case study practices. This course can be delivered both as a full-day or half-day session.

Module C: Speaking Up – An introduction to the Protected Disclosures Act for Workers

This course provides training to staff of all levels on the basics of the Protected Disclosures Act 2014 and how to raise a concern of wrongdoing in the workplace. Participants gain an understanding of the key definitions in the PDA, legal protections for workers and what to expect when raising a concern. This module is delivered as a half-day course.

Module D: Fostering Integrity – Making Ethical Decisions and Encouraging Ethical Behaviour

This course provides participants with an understanding of ethical analysis and the value of adopting a methodical approach to ethical decision making. Participants gain an understanding of ethical theories in addition to practical guidance on fostering an ethical workplace culture. This module is delivered as a half-day course.

Module E: Countering Corruption in the Workplace

This course introduces best practice principles for countering fraud, bribery and other forms of corruption in the workplace. Participants receive training on anti-corruption legislation and accountability mechanisms in addition to organisational strategies to address fraud and corruption risks. This module is delivered as a half-day course.

If you would like more information on training opportunities, contact Stephanie Casey, IAW Programme Manager, at support[at]