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The Speak Up Helpline

  • Are you aware of corruption, fraud, or abuse of power?
  • Do you want to see change?
  • We'll provide you with free confidential information and support.

About Speak Up - The Whistleblowers' Helpline

Speak Up is Ireland's only freephone service for anyone facing an ethical dilemma or considering reporting wrongdoing at work.  It’s also for other witnesses and victims of corruption and abuses of power. The Speak Up helpline will be operated by TI Ireland’s sister-charity, the Transparency Legal Advice Centre from autumn 2016 and will offer access to legal advice for workers whose cases fall within our practice area. By calling our freephone number or using our secure online form, you can get the information and help you need to report or stop wrongdoing before someone else becomes a victim. To contact us in confidence or learn more, follow the links to the right.